What Can My Divorce Lawyer Help Me With?

If you are considering a divorce or need legal assistance with complex divorce-related issues, you need to know how your divorce attorney can help you.

Divorces that are not handled appropriately can lead to devastating consequences that can last for the rest of your life. Hiring an attorney that is both competent and experienced in navigating divorce cases is the best way to ensure that your life’s work and future success are safeguarded. Sometimes, settlement is not the best option for your case. Other times, settlement negotiations can lead to greater divorce financial arrangements. A skilled divorce law attorney can help you determine this and can help you begin afresh in your life without compromise.

If you in the process of getting a divorce, what will your attorney handle for you? Here, we will provide you with the information you need to help you answer this key question. We will provide you with an overview of the main topics of a divorce that our attorneys at JSBell & Partners handle.

Key Issues of Divorce that JSBell & Partners is Competent to Handle

1. Family Arrangements such as Child Custody, Alimony, and Child Support

Our attorneys and professionals are competent to handle child custody cases, spousal claims for support, and other miscellaneous martial issues. This includes disputes regarding the custody of children as well as spousal claims for alimony and child support. We provide these services in a manner that protects children from the divorce proceeding while also working to get you the best result for you and your children.

2. Common Divorce-Related Matters such as Property Division and other Financial Arrangements

Our divorce attorneys and professionals are competent to handle the division of a couple’s finances, assets, and property. Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive a final divorce arrangement that maximizes the value of their finances and protects their earnings capacity both now and in the future. We accomplish these goals for our clients in little time and with little cost compared to our competitors. We also strive to keep your divorce shielded from the public eye and any unnecessary judicial involvement. However, if we believe that the value of your divorce arrangement can be maximized by litigating in court, we are prepared and eager to do so.

3. High Net Worth Divorces Involving Complex Valuations and Substantial Sums of Money

JSBell & Partners is also experienced in finalizing high net worth divorces, which are regarded as divorces that involve substantial sums of money and significant assets and property. This all needs to be divided during a divorce proceeding. Our approach and work ethic for these divorces are no different than that which we employ for routine divorces: We treat all divorces as unique and demanding of dedicated, personalized, and passionate service that works for you.

4. Out-of-Court Agreements such as Collaborative Law or Marital Agreements

Parties would sometimes rather handle their divorce outside of court. A lot of people have obtained pre- and post-marital agreements in case of divorce or prefer to try some type of mediation approach such as collaborative law. Marital agreements are legally binding upon the parties unless unreasonable and outline the terms of the asset and property division upon divorce. Collaborative law involves both parties to a divorce proceeding reaching a solution regarding their divorce with their attorneys as opposed to the assistance of the judicial process. JSBell & Partners is competent to handle divorce cases involving both agreements.

5 Reasons to Choose JSBell & Partners to Handle These Issues for You

1. JSBell & Partners Will Give You That Fresh Start in Life That You Deserve

The attorneys and professionals at JSBell & Partners aim to alleviate the pain of divorce, which can be a very challenging time for people. Not only do our attorneys fight to get our divorce clients that maximum financial arrangement for their divorce, but we also provide support to our clients who are going through an obviously uncertain and stressful time in their lives. Together, we make it our mission to give you a fresh start in life without having to settle for less or compromise.

2. Our Attorneys and Professionals Take the Stress Out of a Divorce Proceeding

Divorce does not have to be overly stressful or complicated. It all depends on who you hire as an attorney for your divorce and how that attorney handles the details of your case. The legal services offered at JSBell & Partners on divorce proceedings save clients time, money, eliminate needless hassles, and maximize the end results for clients. Our professionalism, respect, and caring approach puts our clients at ease during their divorce.

3. We Can Handle Both Routine Divorce Issues and Complex Matters—Thoroughly and Efficiently

A lot of divorces are routine divorces—requiring property division, other simple financial arrangements, or mere execution of marital agreements. Other cases can be more complex such as high net worth divorces involving complicated valuation services. Further, there are some divorces that involve highly sensitive issues such as those involving the best interests of children. Many law firms push their clients to settle their divorce quickly or delegate the more routine duties to junior attorneys. JSBell & Partners does none of the above. We are competent to handle both routine and complex divorce issues. We only take actions that will benefit our clients to the highest degree—even if this means taking their divorce case to court. Further, we do not delegate duties because our attorneys and professionals are actively engaged in all stages of our clients’ divorce.

4. Our Attorneys and Professionals are Passionate for Our Clients’ Divorce Cases and Care for Our Clients

At JSBell & Partners, you are not just a case number to us; you are an individual person who deserves individualized respect. We understand that divorce can be an emotional and uncertain time for you. We also understand that you have come to us to receive a divorce arrangement that is most beneficial for you. Our promise to you is that we will always fight to get that best result for you. Our attorneys and professionals not only care about the end result but also about your emotional wellbeing and satisfaction at every stage in the divorce process.

5. JSBell & Partners Will Fight to Protect Your Life’s Work and Safeguard Your Future Earnings

At stake in a divorce is definitely your income, property, assets, etc. But what is also at stake is your future stream of earnings—something that not all people think about when getting a divorce. Instead, most people just want their divorce to be over with as soon as possible. However, it is important to remember that a divorce arrangement can affect both your current income, property, and assets and also your future earnings—including your pension. At JSBell & Partners, we are experienced in safeguarding both. We will strive to obtain an arrangement that preserves your income, property, and assets, while also protecting your future income and future economic security from attachment.

Plus, at JSBell & Partners, we charge lower rates than our competitors, which means that you are able to keep more of your divorce settlement or verdict.

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