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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Divorce over a Separation Agreement

When a couple decides to end their relationship with one another and live apart, they can choose to obtain a formal divorce—whereby their marriage is dissolved under the law—or a separation agreement—whereby their assets, property, and money are divided and custody issues are resolved if children are involved, but the...

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What are the Dangers of Representing Yourself in a Divorce?

Many individuals believe that it would be both cheaper and faster to represent themselves in their divorce proceeding as opposed to hiring a divorce attorney. This is called representation "pro se." This blog discusses some of the most critical dangers for representing yourself "pro se" in your divorce. First, in...

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Property Division

When a marriage ends, property and finances that have long been intertwined must be separated, valued and divided. The property division aspect of the divorce process can be lengthy and complex. If significant assets are involved, it can be difficult to reach an agreement, and extensive litigation may become necessary...

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Divorce Laws

You likely have many questions before, during and even after divorce. It is important to understand your rights and make sure your concerns are addressed. Does "fault" matter in North Carolina? North Carolina is a "no fault" state for purposes of an absolute divorce. However, in a divorce from bed...

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Court Order Enforcement

Depending on your State, enforcement of family court orders is a convoluted process in many cases. Understanding the terms of your court order is vital to ensure your rights are protected and that both parties are following the terms of the agreement. There are different types of Family Court Orders:...

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